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Was phimosis stretching worth the effort to avoid circumcision?

Well, was it worth the effort of foreskin stretching? For me I can say yes unreservedly! The problem, had I ignored it, could have easily put an end to my relationship with my girlfriend. Thankfully I had the courage to discuss the problem (with intercourse) before it got out of hand – I guess that reinforces the saying that a problem shared is a problem halved.

My sex life is now something that I feel I have only recently enjoyed fully, my foreskin now slips back and forth without pain, and this feels ‘different’ (in a good way) in terms of stimulation.

For others, it may not be necessary to cure phimosis, the penis can work perfectly well without foreskin retraction, but for those whom would like to see an end to it, I would suggest stretching, at least in the first instance as an alternative to the scalpel.

As I started the introduction on this blog, I was completely against the endorsement of any products as I intended to cure my problem with my own perseverance, but I feel that I would have had a very slow and difficult time without the stretching kit. There are a few products available online, and all seem to have their pros and cons. For me I felt that I would benefit from the phimosis cure offered by Phimocure as it seemed like a complete solution with the foreskin stretching cream provided within their product (and of course the price was more appealing).

I have had lots of messages recently from people who have bought phimosis products ( which are apparently copies of the patent pending Phimocure type) and are struggling to progress due to inflammation from sharp edges, harsh material, no cream etc. I can’t vouch for whether these will be useful or not so I apologise that I cannot offer advice, I chose Phimocure as they seemed to have a complete and logical solution and have a lot of genuine good reviews, so my best advice would be to just buy from the Phimocure website directly, or at least use caution, products have to be designed correctly and they have to be produced from an inert material (one which does not react with and cause irritation to the skin). I will attempt to do a helpful review of phimosis products at a later date, so please check back soon.

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*Update* Continue to how my phimosis has returned!

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