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Phimosis Reoccurrence

Im back again, thankfully without a hugely difficult task.

3 weeks ago I used a new type of soap to wash my penis. Unfortunately for me I seemed to have a reaction to it and now my foreskin has become tight when erect. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, however I cannot for the life of me find my Phimocure rings.

I have just emailed Phimocure to ask if they’ll be kind enough to send me a couple of sizes without having to buy a whole kit again. I’m pretty sure I can fix the issue in 2 or 3 days but need the rings as stretching by hand seems to give zero improvement.

I’ll update on what they say, and if they can’t help me out, I’ll buy another set and get cracking with it again with updates to help you guys out.

3rd December 2019 Update

The reply from Phimocure:

Hi Ian

Thank you for your email. Rather than risking sending unsuitable sizes, we will send you a complete kit. It would be interesting to hear your comments on the new designs if you wouldn’t mind updating us. We have had very positive feedback so far.


So great news, I haven’t had to shell out my hard earned cash! I know it’s not breaking the bank but it’s always nice to get stuff for free!

I will wait patiently and post an update soon.

12th December update:

Kit arrived early this week and just got around to having a look at it.

It’s changed quite a bit since the early Phimocure kit!

Old style phimocure kit
Phimosis cream

It now has 20 phimosis rings, the cream within the kit is the same but they have kindly sent a tube of additional cream which I haven’t yet tried.

There’s a forcep device included for manual stretching and to remove the rings (I remove them without any issues by hand but I guess they could be fiddly with the really small sizes). It’s good quality, made from pressed stainless steel, and has an etched Phimocure symbol. It’s squeeze to close and release to open, so like a reverse forcep type device. You can adjust its tension by opening or closing it before use. I won’t use it for stretching but it would probably be helpful in some cases.

Phimosis stretching tool open
Phimosis stretching tool closed to allow insertion

The main difference which I’m excited to try (yes I don’t get out much) is that some of the rings have a recessed rim so that it doesn’t press on the frenulum. According to Phimocure this helps significantly by promoting improved oxygenation and comfort. So blood circulation to the tip of the foreskin and frenulum should be optimised with this. We will see!

Frenulum recess phimocure ring

Their kit now includes sizes for pinhole phimosis too. I didn’t understand how they worked until I read more about them:

Sizes under 9mm can’t be folded as they’re just too small, so the pinhole sizes have a crossed edge instead of a continuous rim. So instead of folding to fit them, you have to tilt to 45 degrees, and twist to insert. Easy!

Fitting a pinhole phimosis ring

This helps to explain a bit more about the progressively firmer grade rings. The small sizes, have to flex more to allow them to be pulled out to remove when they cannot be folded!

Pinhole phimosis ring size
Pinhole phimosis ring stretched

Thankfully I don’t need the small sizes, so I’ll start stretching this evening with a large size and test the new cream. Hopefully I’ll be back to easy retraction by Sunday (maybe optimistic but I can try).

Update 26th December

So all has gone as planned, my phimosis has resolved again thankfully. I just need to make sure I don’t do anything silly to cause balanitis again.

My review of the new phimosis rings is positive. Comfort was amazing, I can only assume that this is due to the new design not pressing on the frenulum? But whatever the reason it’s been really positive and I’ll gratefully accept it. I liked the phimosis cream, it seems to provide a skin barrier and seems to keep the skin nicely conditioned. No irritation at all in the few days I needed to use the kit for, so overall I’m really impressed.

Recurring phimosis prevention ring

Showing the new phimosis ring fitted, with frenulum notch correctly positioned.

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