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Tight Foreskin Stretching Resolves Phimosis

From Severe Phimosis to full Retraction by Daily Foreskin Stretching

For anyone who prefers to just visualise instead of reading my posts, here are some images. As you can see in the first image, there is a tight band of shiny scarred skin. The white scars are the splits I mentioned, which occurred during intercourse. As I progressed, I realised that the provided cream was crucial to my progress, as it prevented the skin from drying out and seemed to soften the scars. I tried to be as disciplined as possible with use of the Phimocure phimosis rings kit but occasionally I was unable to due to convenience/laziness.

Phimosis rings result beginning to end
Phimosis before stretching
Phimosis ring first size fitted
Phimosis ring medium size fitted
Phimosis ring medium/large size
Phimosis ring size 10 fitted
Phimosis ring size 11 fitted
The end result following the use of the phimocure kit
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