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Week 3 Showing How Foreskin Stretches Can Help

Making Good Progress with my Foreskin Stretching
Well following the bumpy start I seem to be making good progress since I started to use the Phimocure kit thankfully.

Not without a minor hiccup however! In typical haste I decided that a longer duration would be better, so wore a ring all afternoon. This caused me to become slightly sore. I guess we can not rush the adaptation process no matter how much we want to, so I will keep to the guidelines of wearing a ring for 3 times 1 hour per day.

Despite my hasty set back I have moved up to ring size 6, and hope that I will be ready to move up again soon. I’ll probably give it another day or two with ring 6 however! I expect that the progress will begin to slow down as I move up through the sizes, but for now I’m really positive that I’ll resolve my phimosis without having to be circumcised.

Fitting medium sized phimosis ring

You can see that my skin is in much better condition since applying the phimosis cream. No signs of inflammation or skin cracking etc so hopefully I'll move up a size easily when ready.

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