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How my Phimosis Journey Started

The discomfort during intercourse caused by a tight foreskin, could be dismissed by many men who have not yet encountered it, but it is such a sensitive region, that it can inevitably result in significant relationship issues due to the foreskin tightness causing pain and discomfort, and preventing an enjoyable and healthy love life. For me, it did just that, but thankfully I had the motivation to deal with it.

Earlier this year, I had started to date the most amazing and beautiful woman and it had been progressing well. Not quite intimate yet, but it was clearly on the cards. As a typical guy I literally ached to move things further in the bedroom, but we waited for a while anyway. Fast forward for a few weeks, and here we are lying in bed, both knowing that we are about to make love. The waiting had taken its toll on me, I felt like I had been imagining this for an eternity, and I was worried that I would not manage to make it last for more than about a minute. ‘I have to impress her, I really want her as my partner’ I thought.

So… it began. And wow it felt amazing…until..AAAGGHH!! EXCRUCIATING PAIN! I tried to ignore it and continue, it was after all, likely to be her most memorable love making experience of our relationship. But it was not to be, I promptly lost my erection and rushed off to the bathroom. Here I noticed that I had a spot of blood and two small splits in my foreskin. My foreskin had been tight for a few years, but it didn’t really cause me too much trouble, I kind of accepted it, as fixing my tight foreskin with circumcision terrified me.

The Consequence of Negativity
Initially I didn’t explain to her what had happened, and with hindsight I should have as she became insecure. For a week I tried to discretely avoid any bedroom activity, as I knew that the problem would rear its ugly head once again if I rushed in too soon. And so, away we go again, the second attempt. I had to put things right following the failure of the last time. Well, that was my intention anyhow, but it was not to be. All I could think about was the previous disappointing performance. My tight foreskin didn’t cause me too much pain this time, but the psychological negativity had set its foundations. Once again I lost my erection and felt like a failure.

Most men will be able to relate to the impact of over-thinking negative thoughts during intercourse at some point in their lives. Whatever the thought, work stress, an argument, or anything else which causes a negative distraction. I decided that I had to discuss the issue with my partner, she had become terribly insecure and had clearly lost confidence as she no longer allowed me see her naked. There was a huge relief to both of us following the discussion, and we both agreed that it is time to do something about it.

Phimosis is a Common Problem
I began to research the problem of having a tight foreskin and was shocked to see how common it actually is. On the NHS website I found that it was a condition known as phimosis. During early childhood, foreskin retraction is usually avoided as the anatomical changes have not yet occurred. As they get older, the inquisitiveness (and obsession) of the boy and his penis will usually ensure that the foreskin will follow its natural development and form. In some however, it appears that the opening of the foreskin remains too small to be retracted. And in some others (which include myself) are those who have developed phimosis in later life.

So, how to resolve it. Well I’m kind of a shy person, I intended to call the doctors, book in for circumcision, job done and back home in a jiffy. Stupidly, I kept thinking, what if the doctors receptionist asks me what I need to see the doctor about, there’s no way I would tell her that I have a tight foreskin. The doc sometimes has a medical student shadowing him too, what am I going to do, I’m incredibly embarrassed about talking to people face to face about this. But I guess I have to bite the bullet and just do it.

I’ll take a look online and see what the process actually involves first though.

Vector drawing of the cicumcision precess

Ah that doesn’t seem so bad, the skin trimmed off and a few stitches.

I’ll have a look at actual true life images. EEEEEEEEEK!!!! I was not welcomed by my search results!

Circumcision and what to expect post surgery

My Reflection on Phimosis Treatment Options
The post surgery images showed me exactly what to expect. Pain! I’m quite squeamish when I think about an injury to my nether region, so elective surgery on my penis seems to defy my own logic. I posted on a forum to ask for real life experiences of circumcision. Some were good, some were bad, some were angry at the result and were trying to re-grow their foreskin (apparently this is possible)! Quite a few people were advising against it in favour of just stretching the skin. I’m sceptical that this would be possible but I decided to look into it. I then came across a blog called ‘A Phimosis Journey’

This has offered me some reassurance, maybe this was possible after all. It shows images of his severe phimosis, which is much tighter than mine, and yet he had made fantastic progress. So I thought, I will follow his lead and try to do this too. In his blog he mentions making devices to stretch his foreskin, which appear to be due to the fact that his opening is so small it would seem difficult to stretch it. Hopefully I will not need to make anything, and will make good progress.

And so here we are today. I noticed a stretching guide on a forum called Network 54 and this is the principle I will try. It states that stretching should be done for 5-10 minute sessions, which I will do in the morning and again in the evening. Continue to the next page to see my progress

Vector drawing showing stretching the foreskin with q-tips
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